I'm Manuel Aristarán, a professional software developer and amateur musician. Here's some of my stuff.

Date Title About
2019-04 Grant Green solo transcription: I'll Remember April

Transcription and performance of the first chorus of Green’s solo on «I’ll Remember April»

2019-01 Bam Bam Quere

A partial transcription and performance of Manolo Rodríguez’s cover of «Bam Bam Quere»

2018-12 Enclosures and Approaches — Excercises by Chad Lefkowitz-Brown

Transcription of some of the excercises shown by Chad Leftkowitz-Brown on this video.

2018-10 Deacon Blues — Bass Cover

One of my favorite tunes of one of my favorite bands.

2018-10 I didn't know what time it was

Transcription of Getz solo from the “Gerry Mulligan meets Stan Getz” album.

2018-09 Lady Bird — Guitar solo

Transcription of a nice solo by Jimmy Gourley on Lady Bird (from Stan Getz’s ‘Round Midnight album)

2018-09 Boogie Children (East Bay Rhythm) — Bass & Drumpad cover

A late night bass and drum(pad) overdub on East Bay Rhythm’s “Boogie Children” guitar and clav track from “A Little Love Will Help”

2018-07 Emigrantvisa

Guitar and bass arrangement of the Swedish traditional famously recorded by Jan Johansson

2018-06 MIdrider (messing around with Yussef Kamaal's "Lowrider")

A late night solo jam based on the chord changes of “Lowrider” Also, my first try at finger drumming

2018-06 Guitar practice over «Beatrice»

Head in and some soloing.

2018-05 Guitar practice over «Half Nelson»

Head in and some soloing.

2018-03 Midnight Train to Georgia — Bass Cover

A short take of Bob Babbitt’s legendary bass line

2018-02 Vamp For Toni

An sketch of an arrangement. Composed by S. Beresovsky

2018-01 Union Pacific

Shuffle blues by Marc Johnson from his great record The Sound of Summer Running

2018-01 Medio Doble

A quick cover of “Half Double” by Sergio Beresovsky

2017-12 Amian

With apologies to Coltrane.

2017-10 Dean Town (Vulfpeck) — Bass cover

…because every bass player these days needs their cover of this tune.

2017-10 Where were you when I needed you — Bass Cover

Monday morning bass cover, nice and easy.

2017-09 Central Park West

A lazy saturday afternoon take of Coltrane’s beautiful ballad. I recorded guitar and electric upright bass. My robot friend played the drums.

2017-07 Alma de Diamante

A tiny take. Guitar, electric upright bass, fake drums.

2017-06 Last Summer (Where were you)

late night ditty, testing my electric upright bass. With apologies to Stevie.

2017-06 Manero viejo nomá

A small disco thingie

2017-06 Cool Drive in Cambridge

…we were just getting warmed up when law enforcement kindly asked us to stop playing.

2017-05 A Child is Born (Thad Jones)

Dedicated to my son.

2017-05 Young and Fine (Weather Report)

A late night arrangement and recording of this great tune.

2017-04 Textures (Herbie Hancock Cover)

My take on Hancock’s tune.

2017-04 Diddy Bop (loop)

Playing around with @noname’s Diddy Bop — (Tiny Desk version) all instruments by Manuel Aristarán

2017-04 «Manoel» (Ed Motta cover)

A short fragment of our take on Ed Motta’s hit. Recorded at the Portuguese American Civic League (Somerville, MA)

2017-03 Rhythm

Rhythm Changes comping étude from Galbraith’s 1981 book «Guitar Comping»

2017-03 Along came Betty

An attempt at arranging an playing Benny Golson’s classic.

2017-02 Santa Catarina

Solo guitar arrangement of one of my favorite Hermeto Pascoal songs

2017-02 People Make The World Go Round

Manuel Aristarán: Keys, synths, beats, guitar, bass

2017-02 La Marta

Playing around with Ed Motta’s song. Manuel Aristaran: keys, bass, guitar, drum programming

2016-12 La Danza del Delfín

A late night take on Hancock’s «Dolphin Dance» Guitar/Bass: Manuel Aristarán

2016-11 Here's That Rainy Day (arr. Barry Galbraith)

from his book “42 Chord Melody Arrangements”

2016-11 Gran Benjamín

Big Ben (Lovano)

2016-11 Gaslighting Abbie (Steely Dan) — Bass Cover

My attempt at Tom Barney’s insanely groovy line

2016-11 Miguel Liga

Playing with my new toy, over a Michael League line.

2016-10 Autumn in New York (arr. Barry Galbraith)

from his book “42 Chord Melody Arrangements”

2016-10 Querido Viejo Estocolmo

Practicing over a backing track: “Dear Old Stockholm”

2016-10 Minor Blues — Barry Galbraith comping étude

Comping etude from Galbraith’s 1981 book «Guitar Comping»

2016-10 Blues in F — Barry Galbraith

Comping etude from Galbraith’s 1981 book «Guitar Comping»

2016-09 Freddie Freeloader — Piano solo on guitar

My attempt at transcribing and playing Wynton Kelly’s solo.

2016-09 Sisistrú

Messing around with The Meters

2016-09 I.G.Y. (Donald Fagen) — Bass Cover

My attempt at covering Anthony Jackson’s deceptively simple bass line.

2016-08 First Song

Transcription of Charlie Haden’s «First Song» as played by Jim Hall on the Charlie Haden/Jim Hall album

2016-07 Skylark

Guitar, bass and drum programming: Manuel Aristaran

2015-02 Feliz Primavera

“Joy Spring” de Clifford Brown, a dos bajos.

2014-05 Era de Uranio

Una versión a grito pelado y guitarra criolla del tema de Spinetta Jade. Grabada con el celular.

2013-11 Together Alone (Stephen Magnusson Quartet)

Stephen Magnusson Quartet live at Salón Araucanía (Bariloche, Argentina)

2013-04 Los Ejes de mi Carreta — Atahualpa vs. Quinteplus

Intento de mashup: Atahualpa Yupanqui + Quinteplus

2013-01 Stephen Magnusson Quartet — Healing song

Stephen Magnusson Quartet live in Bariloche, Argentina — December 15th, 2012

2012-12 So it goes (Stephen Magnusson Quartet)

Stephen Magnusson Quartet live at Salón Araucanía (Bariloche, Argentina)

2012-09 Trío ABH — Blackout

Blackout (John Scofield)

2012-08 Peg (Steely Dan) — Bass Cover

My take on Chuck Rainey’s fabulous line

2012-06 Hombre del Río

Una versión trasnochada, invernal y patagónica de la canción de Nick Drake (Junio de 2012)

2012-03 BlopBlop

Bata (de referencia) en un canal, bajo en el otro.

2012-02 Domingo fonqui

An attempt to funk up this lazy sunday afternoon

2011-11 Conmigo

Un tema del gran Hugo Fattoruso que grabamos en casa.

2011-11 StringTest

Testing a new set of halfwounds D’Addarios / Probando un juego de cuerdas nuevas que le acababa de poner al bajo

2011-11 Don Alí

Perdón, Jaco

2010-09 Nokia Chacarera

El vals de Nokia hecho chacarera.

2010-09 Certainly - Natalie Lawrence

Septiembre 2010, El Peladero Espacio de Arte, Bahía Blanca, Argentina

2010-05 Mambo Cutters — 15 de Mayo 2010

Debut de Black Mambo & his MAMBO CUTTERS. 15/05/2010 en “El Peladero” (Remedios de Escalada y Hernandarias, Bahía Blanca, Argentina).

2009-04 María do Socorro - Nega Maluca

Presentacion de Nega Maluca en Bahía Blanca, Argentina - 18 de Abil de 2009

2006-07 La Lombriz Asesina

Milton Amadeo - Hard Rock Café Buenos Aires, Mayo 2005 Milton Amadeo (guitarra, voz) - Hernán Jacinto (teclado) - Javier Martínez (batería) - Manuel Aristarán (bajo)

2006-07 Si se cae el Cielo

Milton Amadeo - Hard Rock Café Buenos Aires, Mayo 2005 Milton Amadeo (guitarra, voz) - Hernán Jacinto (teclado) - Javier Martínez (batería) - Manuel Aristarán (bajo)

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